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Challenges in Motivating Law Students to Learn

I write occasionally for the Best Practices in Legal Education blog and I recently posted the following: This post riffs on this post, which describes benefits of formative assessments and suggests some ways to do them.  It cites research showing that rewards aren’t sufficient motivation for students to learn and argues that using good formative … Continue reading Challenges in Motivating Law Students to Learn

Revised Stone Soup Documents

As I described in this recent post, we decided that the Stone Soup Dispute Resolution Knowledge Project would defer developing a centralized database but pursue the same goals in a decentralized stone soup project.  In particular, we still encourage faculty to assign students to collect qualitative data about actual dispute resolution practice, starting next year. … Continue reading Revised Stone Soup Documents

Creating Knowledge Together – Part 2

In a series of posts, particularly this one, I wrote that the University of Missouri had tentatively planned to develop a database of reports about actual cases.  As described in my post, Creating Knowledge Together, the underlying goal was for faculty, students, scholars, practitioners, educational institutions, and professional associations to collaborate to produce, disseminate, and … Continue reading Creating Knowledge Together – Part 2

Resource Share Documents

From TFFOIs Sharon Press and Bobbi McAdoo: Hi everyone It was great catching up with so many of you are the ABA DR Section Conference in San Francisco.  Kudos to our colleagues Alyson Carrel and Kelly Olson (conference co-chairs) and outgoing Chair Nancy Welsh for putting on such a great event (and also to all … Continue reading Resource Share Documents

Developing the University of Missouri “Stone Soup” Case Database

My colleague, Rafael Gely, and I are developing the University of Missouri “Stone Soup” Case Database project as I previously mentioned.  This post includes links to some short documents with more detail about the content and process of our planning.  And it invites you to respond with your comments, suggestions, and commitments to participate. Overview … Continue reading Developing the University of Missouri “Stone Soup” Case Database

Creating Knowledge Together

Several years ago, I had the chance to tag along on a European tour with Missouri’s University Singers.  My friend, Paul Crabb, the choral director, talked with his students in the group about the pleasure of “making music together.”  The idea that they were “making” the music may seem odd at first considering that they … Continue reading Creating Knowledge Together

Real Negotiations

In January, I described how my colleague, Rafael Gely, assigned his negotiation class to interview people about actual negotiations and write papers with detailed accounts of the cases.  This assignment has intrinsic value as an educational experience for the students and it served as a test run for the University of Missouri “Stone Soup” Database … Continue reading Real Negotiations

Stone Soup Case Database

You probably are familiar with the Stone Soup fable. Some travelers come to a village with only an empty cooking pot and they find that the villagers won’t share any food.  The travelers fill the pot with water, drop a large stone in it, and place it over a fire. One by one, villagers ask … Continue reading Stone Soup Case Database