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Stone Soup Case Database

You probably are familiar with the Stone Soup fable. Some travelers come to a village with only an empty cooking pot and they find that the villagers won’t share any food.  The travelers fill the pot with water, drop a large stone in it, and place it over a fire. One by one, villagers ask … Continue reading Stone Soup Case Database

Diversity and Dispute Resolution

I am a member of David Hoffman’s huge fan club for the many reasons that the club is so large.  One of these reasons is that he uses his caring and deliberate approach to address critically important issues in our field.  Despite serious efforts by many people in our field for a long time, we … Continue reading Diversity and Dispute Resolution

Come to the Legal Educators’ Colloquium

From SFOI Nancy Welsh: Dear Colleagues, The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s Spring Conference is now less than a month away – April 19-22 in San Francisco.  Please be sure to register!  And consider forwarding this post to any colleagues in your school who may be interested in learning about innovative experiential teaching methods and substantive … Continue reading Come to the Legal Educators’ Colloquium

ABA Conference Sessions You Might Consider

I love the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution annual conferences. They always put on a wide array of wonderful sessions and it’s a great time to connect with friends, new and old. As I did last year, I am listing some sessions that particularly intrigue me.  The following reflects my idiosyncratic tastes and it would … Continue reading ABA Conference Sessions You Might Consider

Legal Educators’ Resource Share

From FFOIs Sharon Press and Bobbi McAdoo: Dear Colleagues, The Annual ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Conference is a little over a month away and we are again collecting information for the annual Legal Educators’ Resource Share.   We’re not certain, but we think this might be the 5th year for this event. This year’s … Continue reading Legal Educators’ Resource Share

What the World Needs Now

From TFOI Jackie Font-Guzmán: The Werner Institute and the 2040 Initiative at the Creighton University School of Law invite you to a symposium exploring how the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virginia has influenced society institutionally, demographically and relationally. The symposium, entitled 50 Years of Loving: Seeking Justice Through Love and Relationships, … Continue reading What the World Needs Now

To SIRs (Lela Love and Dwight Golann) With Love

From GFOI Hal Abramson: Dear Friends and Colleagues: This past weekend the Board of Governors selected International Academy of Mediators (IAM)’s new Scholars in Residence (SIR) in light of the fact that our current wonderful scholar, Hal Abramson, is at the end of his tenure with us.  Thanks to Hal we have established a durable … Continue reading To SIRs (Lela Love and Dwight Golann) With Love