Tired of life

Should euthanasia be available to those who are not terminally ill, on the basis of self-determination? Fascinating article in the June 22 New Yorker, here, describing non-terminal euthanasia in Belgium. As we know, self-determination is a core principle of mediation and one of the pillars of conflict resolution practice. Self-determination is integral to what Carrie … Continue reading Tired of life

FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force Issues Interim Summary of Key Issues

In June (yes, I am behind on my blogging), the FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force, which FINRA formed last summer (see here), issued an “Interim Summary of Key Issues” to “alert users of the forum, arbitrators, mediators and the general public to its current thinking on the key issues before it.”  While the Task Force … Continue reading FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force Issues Interim Summary of Key Issues

Damn Emotions!

Have you seen “Inside Out” yet? It’s the delightful Pixar movie portraying the conflicting emotions of an 11 year-old girl grappling with the difficulties of a move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Indeed, the emotions are characters themselves:  Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Joy. The film’s producers consulted psychologists who wrote a piece in the … Continue reading Damn Emotions!

Failure to Communicate

It’s a damn miracle that people on your planet ever understand each other. My good friend, Charlie Irvine, who mediates and teaches in Glasgow, Scotland, wrote an amusing and/or horrifying blog post about students’ statements in law school exam answers. (Charlie blogs on the Kluwer Mediation Blog, which has some very thoughtful contributors. I saw … Continue reading Failure to Communicate