I Can’t Speak

Because I was screaming so much at the television yesterday during the Steelers-Packers game…. steelers It was hard to outscream my three boys but I am proud to say that I am up to the task (my students would not doubt this ability).  Following up on my post from last February on football mania, there is definitely something crazy about team identity and what can, and apparently cannot, be passed on through the gene pool.  At least for football, hometown wins over genetics (although in the game, genetics won–making Mommy very happy!)  On a similar note, a student sent me this link last week about the Packers and how team identification is being used by Iraqi prisoners to taunt the Wisconsin National Guardsmen who are guarding them.  The Iraqis have learned that mentioning Brett Favre doesn’t go over too well–which is an amusing example of how football team identity can be used internationally.  Foreign Policy blogged about this last month and even uses a picture that includes at least one former Marquette Law student (at the Packer-Viking game in November.)  The comments after the blog are funny too–so read on.  In the meantime, go Steelers!!!

One thought on “I Can’t Speak”

  1. So American football mania is so well-known that even Iraqi prisoners can taunt us with it? Great. I think we’ve gone a little overboard, don’t you?

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