Arbitration Betting

At the Works in Progress conference last weekend, amidst much animated discussion on arbitration, Bob Mnookin took any takers with a bet that the Supreme Court will rule that interlocutory appeals from a class action certification are permitted.  Dwight Golann argued that the Supreme Court will follow Hall St and rule that these interlocutory appeals are not permitted.  Bob argued that the Supreme Court will rule they are.  At least as of last Friday morning, Bob said that he will take even odds on this—Dwight took the bet with Paul Kirgis coming down on Bob’s side.  Any other bets that anybody wants to make?  (And who said that law professors are not risk-takers!?!)

One thought on “Arbitration Betting”

  1. Given the propensity of SCOTUS to issue opaque opinions that could be considered to fall on both sides of the bet, I certainly hope that the professors have had the foresight to designate an arbitrator to determine who won.

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