Watch (if you can’t go to) the Upcoming Penn State Symposium Online

On February 22, Penn State is hosting an ADR symposium entitled The Role of the Courts: Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards and Mediated Settlement Agreements.  Information here.  I do not know the details, but Nancy Welsh tells me that it will be available via webcast for those of us who can’t make it to Pennsylvania.

The program looks great, and it includes many of my absolute favorite and most respected ADR professors in the country.


2 thoughts on “Watch (if you can’t go to) the Upcoming Penn State Symposium Online”

  1. The symposium schedule:

    9:00-9:10am – Welcome Address by Dean Marie Reilly

    9:10-9:20am – Opening Statement by Prof. Nancy Welsh

    9:20-10:50am – Arbitration and Judicial Review

    – Asymetric Dynamism and Acceptable Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards by Prof. Jeff Stempel – University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Law

    – Sonic Calabassas v. Moreno and the Issue of FAA Preemption and the State Administrative Law Regulatory Scheme by Prof. Maureen Weston – Pepperdine University School of Law

    – Is Less Really More? The Supreme Court’s Recent Stance on Limited Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards by Prof. Allen Blair – Hamline University School of Law

    10:50-11:00am – Break

    11:00-12:30pm – Mediation and Judicial Review

    – Pre-Judicial Review of Mediated Settlement Agreements: The Oregon Experience by Prof. Jennifer Reynolds – University of Oregon School of Law

    – Creating a 21st Century Oligarchy: Judicial Abdication to Class Action Mediators by Prof. Jim Coben – Hamline University School of Law

    – You Mean I’m Stuck With This? Courts and the Enforcement of Mediation Agreements by Prof. Jacqueline Nolan-Haley – Fordham University School of Law

    12:30-1:45pm – Lunch

    1:45-2:45pm – Hybrids and Judicial Review

    – Med-Arb and the Challenge of Judicial Review by Prof. Ellen Deason – The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

    – Using Dispute System Design for Error Correction: How Award Review Could Occur in Investment Arbitration by Prof. Andrea Schneider – Marquette Law School

    2:45-3:00pm – Closing Remarks by Prof. Thomas Carbonneau

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