The Most Relevant ADR Law Prof

James Phillips (JSP student Berkeley) and John Yoo (Berkeley) recently authored a piece entitled The Cite Stuff: Inventing a Better Law Faculty Relevance Measure which Yoo describes as Moneyball Comes to the Ivory TowerIn the article Phillips and Yoo create a citation based formula for ranking the relevance of law professors that, like all measures of ranking things, has it problems. As you might expect, these rankings are thoroughly discussed on Brian Leiter’s blog (here, here, here, and here) where Leiter also compiles a yearly impact study of faculty scholarship.

No matter where you fall on the methodology debate, I’m sure you’re wondering who is the most relevant ADR scholar. Good guesses include Len Riskin (Florida), Carrie Menkel-Meadow (Cal-Irvine), Bob Mnookin (Harvard), and maybe the ADR profs turned deans Chris Guthrie (Vanderbilt) or Indisputably’s own Michael Moffit (Oregon). Nope. According to Phillips and Yoo, it’s Russ Korobkin (UCLA) who comes in as the 29th most relevant law professor in the US with 151 citations per year of the study. In addition to his ADR work, Russ also writes about behavioral law and economics and stem cell research – two topics that certainly helps add to his relevancy. Congratulations Russ !!

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