2018 US News Rankings

Here they are, this year’s US News Rankings for dispute resolution programs.  Unlike the rankings for law schools, these are voted on by law school faculty – consider them reputational rankings.  Congratulations to all !

Rank School Name
1 Pepperdine University
2 Ohio State University (Moritz)
3 Harvard University
4 Mitchell Hamline School of Law
5 University of Missouri
6 Marquette University
7 Arizona State University (O’Connor)
8 University of Oregon
9 Yeshiva University (Cardozo)
10 University of Nevada–Las Vegas
11 Northwestern University (Pritzker)
12 Texas A&M University
13 Creighton University (tie)
13 Fordham University (tie)
13 Quinnipiac University (tie)
13 University of California (Hastings) (tie)
13 University of Maryland (Carey) (tie)
18 Suffolk University
19 Columbia University (tie)
19 Stanford University (tie)

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