Stone Soup Course Assessments

The Stone Soup Project is a collaborative effort to develop and share knowledge, not only about actual practice of dispute resolution and law, but also about pedagogical techniques to maximize the benefit from Stone Soup assignments and activities.

Faculty using Stone Soup are assessing how well it worked in their courses and providing advice to colleagues about how they might use it.  This process started last summer with posts from Stone Soup pioneers Bob Dauber, Rafael Gely, and Charity Scott.  More colleagues have used Stone Soup this semester and I will add a series of posts with assessments of Stone Soup in their courses.

These posts generally include their assignments so that you can adapt them for your courses.  If the posts include other documents, they will be noted below.  Some posts include assessments of several courses.

As I post each assessment, I will add a link to it in the list below, which will serve as an index of these assessments.  A link to this index / post is available on the Stone Soup homepage, so you can look for it there.

Here’s a summary of Stone Soup experiences and general advice based on this semester’s courses.

My colleague, Rafael Gely, the co-director of the Stone Soup Project, and I are extremely grateful and excited that so many colleagues have taken advantage of the opportunity to use Stone Soup.  And we are so gratified to hear that colleagues’ and students’ reactions been overwhelmingly positive.  Any new project will have some bugs and this process of sharing assessments is intended to help people identify and avoid problems in the future.

Faculty who want to share their Stone Soup experiences and assessments should use this form.

Access to Justice

  • Gemma Smyth (Windsor) – Fall 2017.  Includes document providing background to the project and a grading rubric.






  • Bob Dauber (Arizona State) – Summer 2017.
  • Rafael Gely (Missouri) – Spring 2017. Includes syllabus, guidance for conducting interviews, and sample student papers.
  • Rafael Gely (Missouri) – Fall 2017.
  • Peter Phillips (New York Law School) – Fall 2017. Includes guidance for conducting interviews and model interview solicitation.
  • Charity Scott (Georgia State) – Spring 2017.

Trusts & Estates








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