The Best Negotiation I Ever Lost–RIP Brady

Over seven years ago, I wrote about negotiations I have lost.  It’s a good reminder, as we head into the end of the semester, that even professors do not get it right all of the time.  As I noted:

In honor of my students turning in their final Negotiation journals today and in the spirit of my former dean who would post his first year law school grades just to remind us all that he was human, I wanted to share a recent negotiation failure.  (Just because we teach it, doesn’t mean we get everything we want all the time.)

I generally try to remind students that (a) we don’t always realize that we should negotiate until it’s too late and that (b) sometimes we are going to lose anyway.  On the first point, I share with students the fact that I didn’t even negotiate my offer when I came here (although my current dean might argue that I have more than overcome that particular weakness!)

On the second, and more amusing note, below is the picture of the negotiation I just lost with my kids:


Thanks much to former student Dr Marty Greer who helped me find the perfect puppy once I had lost the negotiation!

We lost Brady to a coyote last week.  In his honor, I am reposting this as a reminder to me (and all of us) that sometimes the negotiations we lose have the most unexpected consequences.  And here’s a more updated picture of him–still as cute as ever.  So glad that I lost that one years ago….


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