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Many faculty are now preparing the courses they will teach in the fall.  The Stone Soup Project has developed materials to help faculty who want to take advantage of Stone Soup assignments and activities in their courses.

The fundamental goal of the Project is to produce and use valuable qualitative data for teaching and research about actual dispute resolution practice.  This may involve interviews about cases, “focus group classes” with guest speakers, case observations, increased debriefing of practice competitions, and collecting information at CLE programs.

This year, this project should engage at least 700 students in 41 classes covering 15 subjects, taught by 27 faculty from 23 schools in 3 countries.

This post collects Stone Soup materials for anyone who would like to use them.  The documents generally are the equivalent of 2-4 pages each.

To get a good overview of possible assignments and activities, check out this post.  You may want to assign some of the following documents for students to read.  We especially recommend this post on asking good questions and this document with general guidance about conducting and summarizing interviews.  You might also want students to read this post about how much fun Stone Soup can be.

Stone Soup Website

Mini-Course to Help Faculty Plan Stone Soup Assignments and Activities

If you will use a Stone Soup assignment or activity this year, please let me know and we will add you to the roster of the inaugural Stone Soup cohort.

I had planned to write some posts about using qualitative methods for research.  This is a good time for a break and I may write these posts later.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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