UNLV Conference on Conflict Resolution & the Economic Crisis

From Jean Sternlight:

On March 12-13 of this year the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution offered a conference entitled Conflict Resolution and the Economic Crisis.  Including approximately 30 speakers from around the country the conference focused on a variety of ways in which conflict resolution tools can be used effectively to deal with consequences of the crisis.  Among the particular topics addressed were foreclosure mediation, bankruptcy and adr, using mediation to assist with family issues, how the crisis has affected community mediation programs, and helping businesses resolve disputes more cost effectively.  While we did not record the entire session we can offer you a few materials if you missed the conference:

(1) speakers’ powerpoints and handouts are available on our website, http://www.law.unlv.edu/saltman_Recent.html

(2) Nevada House Speaker Barbara Buckley’s comments on the Nevada foreclosure mediation program are available on a webcast

(3) if you can wait, many speakers’ article will be published in the Nevada Law Journal.

I hope you find all these materials useful.   Jean

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