Busting Mediation Myths Using Neuroscience

Jill Tanz, JD, and Martha McClintock, PhD, just started a Mediation Myth Busters blog to explain how applying neuroscience concepts can improve mediation. They recently co-authored an article, The Physiologic Stress Response During Mediation, 32 Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 29 (2017). They plan to add posts about once a month to cover topics such as:

● Stress During Conflict and Mediation
● Science Validates Traditional Mediation Tools
● Rethinking the Structure of Mediations
● The Dangers of Venting
● Dealing with Strong Emotions

Check it out if this is of interest  to you.

One thought on “Busting Mediation Myths Using Neuroscience”

  1. Makes sense, by managing stress and anger during mediation in a better manner could lead to a better chance at compromise. Jill and Martha definitely are doing a great job!

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