Updated: 2018 US News Dispute Resolution Rankings in their entirety

As always, we post the USNews dispute resolution program specialty rankings here once they’re released, and this year is no different.  This year Pepperdine reclaims the top spot from Ohio State.  Pepperdine has been ranked number 1 for 12 of the last 13 years !!!

1   Pepperdine

2   Ohio State

3   Harvard and Missouri (tie)

5   Mitchell Hamline

6   Oregon

7   Marquette

8   Yeshiva (Cardozo)

9   UNLV

10  Arizona State

11  Northwestern

12  UC Hastings

13  Texas A&M

14  Fordham and Quinnipiac (tie)

16  Creighton

17  Suffolk

18  Georgetown, Stanford, and Maryland (tie)

21  Columbia, Pace, and Florida (tie)

And yes, even though they are ranked in 2017, these are known as the 2018 rankings.  For those who wonder how the process works, here’s how USNews describes the methodology for their specialty program rankings.

The specialty rankings are based solely on votes by legal educators in fall 2016, who nominated up to 15 schools in each field. U.S. News asked law schools during summer 2016 to supply the names of faculty members and legal educators who were currently teaching in each field. U.S. News used those names as the sole basis for creating the respondent pool for the specialty rankings.

Congrats to all.

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