PreLaw Magazine grades law school’s based on ADR Curricula

In this article, PreLaw Magazine claims to have “graded all schools based on curricular offerings.”  Who knows what that means or what the criteria are.  So, for what it’s worth, here’s a listing of the schools receiving the top grades in the order in which they’re listed:

Cardozo – A+

Pepperdine – A+

Missouri – A+

Mitchell-Hamline – A

Hat tip TaxProf

2 thoughts on “PreLaw Magazine grades law school’s based on ADR Curricula”

  1. Thanks for posting this. The article explains the grading below the chart on page 50: “30% for a concentration, 24% for a clinic, 12% for a centre, 12% for an externship, 9% for a journal, 8% for a student group, 5% for a certificate.”

    I think the validity of the method is questionable. A chart that listed which of the elements each school had would probably be more helpful.

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