Chandrasekher and Horton win the 2017 Mangano Award

Elayne Greenberg at St. John’s has just announced (via the listserv) that Andrea Cann Chandrasekher and David Horton from UC Davis have won the 2017 Mangano Award for their piece After the Revolution: An Empirical Study of Consumer Arbitration, 104 Geo. L.J. 57 (2015).  The full press release is here, and here’s a short blurb.

The purpose of the Mangano Award is to strengthen the legitimacy of the dispute resolution field by supporting quality empirical research that informs good dispute resolution practice,” Professor Greenberg says. “The research conducted and reported by Professors Chandrasekher and Horton does just that. It provides welcomed observations about how recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have affected consumers’ use of arbitration. Their research also offers a more nuanced understanding of why, and in what ways, repeat corporate players gain an advantage in consumer arbitration.”

Big congrats !!  And, I may be mistaken, but doesn’t this make for consecutive Mangano Award winners from UC Davis?  I believe Donna Shestowsky won it last time.  Please let us know in the comments if you can confirm or correct my recollection.

Update: David Horton wrote me to confirm that yes, Donna S. was the last Mangano Award recipient.  Good work emanating from UC Davis these days.

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