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Roberts on Gender and Negotiation

Stacy Roberts (Utah) has published “Gendered Differences in Negotiation: Advancing an Understanding of Sources, Effects, and Awareness” in the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution, available here. The abstract: Conversations about gendered differences in negotiation have been around for decades. However, recent research about these gendered differences is expanding our understanding of gender stereotypes and role … Continue reading Roberts on Gender and Negotiation

Symposium Issue on Public Engagement and Decision-Making

Articles from Mitchell Hamline Law Review‘s Fall 2016 Symposium are now available here. The topic was “An Intentional Conversation About Public Engagement and Decision-Making: Moving from Dysfunction and Polarization to Dialogue and Understanding” and the contributors were Bernie Mayer, Ken Fox, Bob Stains, Howard Vogel, Aimee Gourlay, Lisa Blomgren Amsler, Tina Nabatchi, and Sharon Press.

Two Quick Takes on Hinshaw: Regulating Mediators

Art Hinshaw (Arizona State) has published “Regulating Mediators” in the Harvard Negotiation Law Review, available here. Read on for two micro-analyses or “quick takes” on Art’s article. Note that these takes are not supposed to provide in-depth analysis of the entire article. Rather, they should (1) provide a quick look at scholarship trending in ADR; … Continue reading Two Quick Takes on Hinshaw: Regulating Mediators

Hedeen on the Future of Conflict Theory

Tim Hedeen (Kennesaw State) has co-published (with Heather Pincock) “Where the Rubber Meets the Clouds: Anticipated Developments in Conflict and Conflict Resolution Theory” in the Ohio State Journal of Dispute Resolution. From the Introduction: The study of conflict transcends disciplinary boundaries and nearly defies categorization. Theories abound to explain the sources or conditions that give … Continue reading Hedeen on the Future of Conflict Theory

Blankley on Pre-Dispute Resolution Clauses

Kristen Blankley (Nebraska) recently published “The Ethics and Practice of Drafting Pre-Dispute Resolution Clauses” in the Creighton Law Review, available here. The abstract: The audience for the topic of dispute resolution usually consists of neutrals and litigation professionals. This Article, by contrast, is written for the transactional attorney. Transactional attorneys have an important role in … Continue reading Blankley on Pre-Dispute Resolution Clauses

Strong on Arbitration and Other Topics

Stacie Strong (Missouri) has several recently published articles and several forthcoming articles. Here is the list: Arbitration of Trust Disputes: Issues in National and International Law (Oxford University Press, 2016). The book itself is available here and the opening chapter is here. “The Reasons Behind Reasoned Arbitration Awards,” 34 Alternatives to the High Cost of … Continue reading Strong on Arbitration and Other Topics