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Game for self-represented litigants

This project out of Northeastern’s Law Lab takes a pro se player through preparing for and going through a simple civil case. It’s cool. Many of us have long advocated for more pre-mediation training for self-represented, non-repeat players in mediation, and this format seems quite accessible. Does anyone know whether someone has created something similar … Continue reading Game for self-represented litigants

Oregon Symposium on Implicit Bias: UPDATED 4/14

This Friday, April 15, the University of Oregon’s ADR Center and Division of Equity and Inclusion will be co-hosting a symposium called: Out of the Shadows: Implicit Bias, Institutional Responses (link here). The symposium will include basic and advanced implicit bias trainings as well as sessions on effective interventions for the self and for institutions. … Continue reading Oregon Symposium on Implicit Bias: UPDATED 4/14

Shestowsky on How Litigants Evaluate Procedures

Donna Shestowsky (UC Davis) has published “How Litigants Evaluate the Characteristics of Legal Procedures: A Multi-Court Empirical Study” in the UC Davis Law Review, available on SSRN. The abstract: This Article presents findings from the first multi-court field study examining how civil litigants evaluate the characteristics of legal procedures shortly after their cases are filed … Continue reading Shestowsky on How Litigants Evaluate Procedures