Damn Emotions!

Have you seen “Inside Out” yet? It’s the delightful Pixar movie portraying the conflicting emotions of an 11 year-old girl grappling with the difficulties of a move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Indeed, the emotions are characters themselves:  Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Joy. The film’s producers consulted psychologists who wrote a piece in the … Continue reading Damn Emotions!

Failure to Communicate

It’s a damn miracle that people on your planet ever understand each other. My good friend, Charlie Irvine, who mediates and teaches in Glasgow, Scotland, wrote an amusing and/or horrifying blog post about students’ statements in law school exam answers. (Charlie blogs on the Kluwer Mediation Blog, which has some very thoughtful contributors. I saw … Continue reading Failure to Communicate

Coben and Welsh Want Your Favorite Number

Jim Coben, on behalf of himself and Nancy Welsh, is circulating the following request. Dear Colleagues: I write to appeal to the “hive-mind” on behalf of the Dispute Resolution Magazine.  In the upcoming fall issue, we are planning to include a “numbers” teaser box.  More specifically, it’s an opportunity to feature interesting statistics and/or other … Continue reading Coben and Welsh Want Your Favorite Number